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 What is PSSR ?

 Air Compressor Safety Testing


Do you have a certified ‘Written Scheme’ of Examination for your Air Compressor conforming to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000?

Compressed Air systems pose a danger, of explosion or impact of flying debris, to operators and surrounding property if they are not properly maintained.

Risk from failure of equipment is dependent on a number of factors including;

Easi Recycling compressors MT2 – 50 Litre, MT3 100 Litre, MT4 and Sylbo 150 – 200 Litre all fall within the parameters of the PSS Regulations 2000 and require a Written Scheme of examination certificate.

50L Compressor

Easi Recycling has a number of qualified engineers with the knowledge and experience to undertake the functions required to test the equipment and compile the Written Scheme for official endorsement.

Once issued, the Written Scheme, specifying the nature and frequency of examination of the air compressor, is to be held on file for all relevant employees and safety representatives to review when the occasion may arise.

The tests include;

An examination of the vessel to determine the thickness of the steel as this can deteriorate owing to moisture retention

An examination of the pressure gauge and relief valve to identify if the pressure gauge is reading correctly and the relief valve is blowing off and reseating at the correct pressure.

Easi Recycling qualified engineers are able to complete the initial pressure test, compile the official Written Scheme and have it certified by a Member of the British Compressed Air Society for £190.

Additionally the Written Scheme usually indicates that a pressure test, to conform to the PSSR 2000, should occur annually, Easi Recycling, to limit the impact on your down time offer to include this test within the service of your Easi Recycling Baler as an optional extra for £95. 

NB: This is a statutory examination and is designed to ensure pressure systems fall in line with Health & Safety policies and regulations

Please contact Easi Recycling immediately to arrange your initial pressure test and Written Scheme certificate or to add the annual pressure test to  your balers servicing schedule.

Contact us directly for further information and to book your pressure test.

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