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Why balers are the best solution for business waste management

With mandatory UK recycling targets getting more ambitious and landfill costs rising to £80 / tonne in  2014, effective waste management and disposal is increasingly becoming an important issue for businesses of all sizes.

The following guide will explain why segregating and baling waste materials at your business premises is the most efficient and cost effective way forward. 

Introducing Balers

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Balers allow businesses to conveniently sort, compact, store and allow efficient transportation of their waste streams. They come in a range of models to tackle different needs and materials – some specialise in cardboard and plastic, while others tackle polystyrene and general waste.


Not only do balers bring significant savings on waste disposal costs through reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill, they also boost recycling at source and maximise the value of recyclable materials.

Pre-sorting waste material and baling at your business premises is far simpler than trying to segregate after it has been contaminated with other types of waste.

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Materials such as plastic are an increasingly valuable recyclable material, meaning you could even earn more revenue on top of achieving significant savings.

A tonne of cardboard when baled can be worth up to £80 and plastics over £200.

Mill Size Bale

reduction of bins and collections costs

In addition, compact bales can be more easily stored since they take up a minimum of space, and they will also greatly reduce the necessity of skips and number of empties which effectively cuts collection costs.

Even waste materials that are collected for free can deliver a saving of over £100 per tonne compared to sending the waste to landfill.

Recyclable Waste Streams for Baling

Ideally you should never throw recyclable material away – many would be surprised however at the range of materials that can be sorted, compressed and baled for recycling:

Baler Types for Different Needs –

Key Factors to Consider

The two main types of baler designs are the vertical and horizontal models, which relate to the volume of waste and how the waste stream is fed into the machine.

vertical balers

Vertical Balers are typically loaded from the front of the machine and unloaded from the lower front door when the compacting and baling is complete. They are generally smaller in size and therefore well suited to business premises which have limited space or prefer to have several machines located exactly where waste is produced, saving time in taking waste to a central area or bins. Different size machines are also ideal for baling different materials at source i.e. a supermarket would have a larger baler for bulky cardboard and a smaller model for plastic. In a nutshell, they are ideal for baling low volumes of varying waste streams at source.

Horizontal Balers

With Horizontal Balers, loose materials are fed into the hopper, this can be fed by a bin lift system or conveyor. These models tend to take up more floor space than Vertical Balers, but they have the advantage of being able to handle greater volume and also tend to reduce labour costs when dealing with higher volumes as the process is more automated.

Another key factor to understand when choosing a baler is that different models produce varying bale sizes. Machines which produce large bales have the benefit of the least labour as tying off is less frequent and Mill Size bales will maximise the materials value, but on the other hand larger sized bales are obviously not suited to smaller business premises.

Maximising your material values

When shopping around, feel free to discuss your particular needs with our experts – we can recommend the ideal baler for your individual business, from a small low cost baler with free collections of recyclable materials to the larger Mill Size baler which will save on transport and re-processing costs and maximising the value of your baled materials. We will also ensure you are receiving maximum market rates for you materials and put you directly in touch with our recommended recyclers.

Baler Advantages for Businesses

Here is an at-a-glance summary of the important benefits that baler machines bring to businesses of all sizes:


The financial, efficiency and recycling advantages that balers bring to any business are abundantly clear. With rising landfill and waste collection costs, not to mention increasingly stringent waste separation and recycling targets that the UK commercial sector is obligated to follow, balers are quite simply a must. Feel free to discuss your needs and options with our experts – we’ll be happy to offer a ‘free waste audit’  and if we know you will benefit from baling we will recommend a free trial with the best baling machine to suit both your individual business and your budget.

Baling you waste materials will help your business –

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