Plastic recycling rates revealed

Plastic recycling rates revealed

The Recycling of Used Plastics Association (RECOUP) have released figures obtained from the UK Environment Agency’s National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) showing packaging recycling rates for the second quarter of 2015.

The figures show that in the second quarter of 2015 some 213,755 metric tons of plastic packaging were recycled in the UK. Of that total, 61 per cent was exported from the UK, while the remainder was reprocessed within the country.

The percentage of recycled plastic increased by 7 per cent from the first quarter of 2015, RECOUP says. However, the data indicates the percentage of material remaining within the UK dropped from 41 per cent achieved in the first quarter.

The data also shows that the UK has reached 47 per cent of its target to recycle 880,000 metric tons of plastic packaging as the results for the first half of 2015 reveal that 413,000 metric tons of plastic packaging has been recycled.

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