EPS Polystyrene Compactors


EPS or Expanded Polystyrene is perhaps best known under other brand name – such as Styrofoam  and is used for a wide number of applications such as – insulation, fishing industry, fire retardants and product protection during transportation.

Our High Volume Heavy Duty Greenmax compactors will process up to 200kg of EPS / hour and are designed to process over 50 tonnes per year and is ideal for compacting EPS / XPS / PSP

 Greenmax will also purchase back your compacted EPS and this is re-used to manufacture picture frames.

Revenue for full 15 tonne loads is between £300 and £400 / tonne

All Machines are available for Sale or Rent on our ‘Easi Flexible Rental Plans’. All prices include delivery, installation, training and comprehensive warranty.

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