EPS Polystyrene Compactors


EPS or Expanded Polystyrene is perhaps best known under other brand names, such as Styrofoam  and is used for a wide number of applications, for example; insulation, fishing industry, fire retardants and product protection during transportation.

The high volume, heavy duty GreenMax APOLO range of compactors and MARS range of hot melt extruders will process up to 200kg of EPS / hour and the compactors are designed to process over 50 tonnes per year, ideal for compacting EPS / XPS / PSP

 GreenMax will also purchase back your compacted or extruded EPS, re-using the compacted waste to manufacture alternative products for example picture frames.

Revenue for full 15 tonne load of the compacted recycled waste is between £300 and £400 / tonne

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