Mill Size Balers

mill size Balers FOR SALE OR rent – Revenue from cardboard

Easi Recycling mill size waste balers for sale or rent allow you to save money and earn money all at the same time.

Easi Recycling mill size baling machines are the perfect solution for maximising the value of your materials. All our machines produce a dense 420kg + bale to maximise load sizes of 24 tonnes.

Through our sister company Agecko, we ensure you receive premium market rates for all your baled materials. We continually track market rates to ensure you are receiving the best value and supply quarterly reports showing tonnage and collection information.

All Machines are available for Sale or Rent on our ‘Easi Flexible Rental Plans‘.
All prices include delivery, installation, training and comprehensive warranty.

To find out more about our waste baling and compacting machinery, simply contact us
or feel free to request a Quick Quote or a Free on site Waste Audit.

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