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Greenmax C100 EPS compactor

Greenmax C100 EPS compactor

New to our range this year is the GreenMax range of machinery offering cost effective solutions for recycling Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) waste like fish trays. Polystyrene waste has been a headache in many industries for years, owing to its bulky construction and costly waste removal.

In the fish industry alone there are over 10 million expanded polystyrene wholesale fresh fish boxes in the UK per year. EPS sent to landfill can cost over £100 per tonne, however once in its compressed block form it can be recycled into a product with a high re-sale value. Greenmax buy back the compressed block for up to £350 / tonne and this is re-used to manufacture photograph frames.

The Greenmax range of machinery has been designed to process from 25kg per hour from the A-C25 model to 200kg / hour from the high output A-C200 model.

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