Easi 450 Baler for cardboard and wheelie bin compactor

Easi 350 for cardboard recycling

Easi 350 for cardboard


Schools, Colleges, Universities etc. all generate packaging and recyclable waste. Whether it be from kitchens and canteens to stationary and educational tools, our product portfolio consists of equipment and solutions including the Easi 350 and 450 waste balers for cardboard and the Wheelie Bin Compactor to tackle the waste.  These products compact or bale together the waste to generate a level of revenue for an institution where financial turnover is naturally quite high with limited revenue streams.





The Institution – Ampleforth College, York, North Yorkshire.

A Roman Catholic co-educational independent school run by the Ampleforth community of Benedictine Monks. The college is one of the country’s leading independent schools, with 620 students (of which over 80% are boarders) and 300 support staff.

The Challenge
The college had three main areas producing waste;
• Two main kitchens
• The gift shop
• The rest of the site
All of the cardboard and plastic from these areas were going into the general waste which went to the landfill site. This needed to be reduced!

The Solution Education - Ampleforth College 1
Easi Recycling assessed the situation and the needs, functionality and the day to day logistics of the school an installed 5 balers across the site;
Miltek 305 and 205 balers in the main kitchen
Miltek 205 baler in the monastery kitchen and gift shop
Miltek 305 and 205 baler in the estates shed.
Placed in these prime locations, the 5 balers have now eliminated any cardboard or plastic from going to landfill.

The Result
• Cardboard and plastic waste is now a revenue stream and not a waste cost!
• 25 tonnes of waste is now redirected from landfill
• Baled at source and collected for free.
• Improved housekeeping
• Reduction in handling time
• Enhanced Ampleforths ‘Green Credentials’

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Ampleforth College, York

Ampleforth College, York