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Mill Size HSM 860 for cardboard

Mill Size HSM 860 for cardboard

The engineering industry produces as much waste as many other industries and recycling waste management is an important issue.  Separating recyclable waste and baling at source will reduce the impact on storage and floor space and transportation costs.

Easi V50 baler with doors closed showing logo

Easi V50 for plastic & cardboard

There are a number of machines within the portfolio that will be ideal for the industry depending on the size of the company.  The Easi 450 baler has a Europallet size footprint for companies with limited space.  For companies with larger volumes of recyclable waste the Easi V50, HSM 860, H600 Mill Size Balers and the Easi 1600 vertical and 500, 700 Horizontal Balers are all designed for companies with large volumes of recyclable waste.  The large apertures, top loading or automatic baling features ensure ease of use and user safety.

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