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C200 EPS compactor

Greenmax C200 EPS compactor

Waste recycling in any industry is important with most companies striving to recycle the majority of their waste. As polystyrene counts for a large proportion of waste in the fish & seafood processing industry the limited resources to recycle this product in the past have caused a headache for many companies.

Polystyrene is of bulky construction and has a high cost to waste, with over 10 million expanded polystyrene fresh fish boxes in the UK per year. The machines in our range not only offer a solution to the waste problem but also an additional revenue stream to a company.

WR450 front closed

Easi 450 cardboard baler

The Greenmax EPS Compactors A-C25, A-C50, A-C100 & A-C200 are a range of innovative and cost effective machinery for expanded polystyrene waste. They have varying ranges of volumes they can compress per hour which can then be converted into a revenue stream up £400 per tonne.

Easi recycling also offer refurbished Polystyrene Compactors for sale or rental. A simple baling solution for polystyrene waste disposal.

In addition to polystyrene, cardboard and plastic waste can also be an issue within the industry and the Easi 350, and 450 balers with a small footprint are space saving solutions to what can be bulky waste to store.

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