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Side view of Easi WR350 baler loaded with plastic

Easi 350 for plastic

As in many industries there is a lot of plastic and cardboard packaging waste in the garden centre recycling sector. For many companies, space restrictions on waste management areas, require a compact solution that is powerful enough to cope with the volume and variety of waste.

Easi 1600 for cardboard

Easi 1600 for cardboard

The Easi 350 and 450 waste balers are ideal for this sector as they have a euro pallet sized footprint and only a single phase connection is required. For the larger nurseries and landscape garden centres there is also the the Easi 1600 and the V50 mill size balers which are ideal for compressing larger quantities of cardboard, plant pots and plastic flower trays. Additionally, portable bags stands are useful to help separate waste at source and are great in locations like garden centres that have a number of different recyclable materials.

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