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Mill Size HSM 860 for cardboard

Mill Size HSM 860 for cardboard

Within the logistics industry there are various types of packaging and materials to waste with varying volumes. A perfect solution for many companies is to sort, bale and recycle materials at source.

Horizontal Baler with bin lift

Easi 700 with bin lift

Here at Easi Recycling we offer a large range of balers and compactors that can be housed inside or out, but ideally close to the source of the waste.  These balers include the small balers with small footprints like the Easi 350102, 205 & 305 Balers, moving up to the larger compactors with wider door openings for larger items and volumes; for example the Easi 1600 & V50 Mill Size balers, the Easi 306 & 509 compactors and the Mill Size Balers Easi 500 & 700, the HSM 860 and Mil-tek H600.

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