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V50 Baler for Cardboard or Plastic

V50 Baler for Cardboard or Plastic

By the very nature of the business every manufacturing process generates waste. Our team and range of products will focus on increasing a business’ recycling in line with their waste management strategy and manufacturing process.

Portable Bag Stand

Bag Stand

Machines within the range, suitable for the manufacturing industry, include the larger balers, the Easi V50, HSM 860Easi H600, and the Easi 1600 vertical, and 500, 700 horizontal Balers all designed for large volumes of recyclable waste.  With there large apertures, top loading or automatic baling features to ensure ease of use and user safety.

Other useful products from the range in this industry include the portable bag stand as these can be placed around the production line so waste can be sorted at source and then collected for loading into the recycling machine.

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