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102 Baler for cardboard

102 Baler for cardboard

Retail shops generate a large amount of packaging waste.  Usually over 70% of this, mainly cardboard and plastic packaging, is both recyclable and valuable. Using bins for loose packaging waste can be inefficient for both disposal and space saving. If recyclable waste is segregated and baled or bagged at source, it can reduce the costs of disposal and increase space. Most packaging materials when compacted can be collected free of charge through our network of recyclers and in some cases we can generate a revenue stream.

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Portable Bag Stand

Easi Recycling have a large portfolio of small footprint machinery for sale or rent to help maximise a business’ floor space and minimise its waste disposal costs. Depending on volumes, it is common in retail to use a small baler or portable bag stand for plastic and suitably sizes baler for cardboard. Easi Recycling waste balers include the hydraulic Easi 350 & 450 balers, and for extra cost savings, use one of our refurbished Easi102205 or 306 compactors. Easi Recycling will identify the perfect waste management solution for you and organise the collections of the bales waste, alleviating demands on restricted stockroom space, overflowing bins and unnecessary disposal costs.

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