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Easi 8500 Tyre Baler

Easi 8500 Tyre Baler

As there are approximately 48 million waste tyres in the UK per year, the tyre recycling industry is experiencing fast growth with over 44% of total waste tyres now being recycled in some shape or form.

At Easi recycling we offer recycling balers and compactors specifically for the Tyre industry so companies can maximise the business opportunities available to them with their waste tyres.

Easi 8500 Tyre Baler – this baler produces bales that are PAS108 compliant, ensuring that not only does it reduce storage by as much as 80% and transportation by up to 60%, the bales can be sold on to the construction industry adding a further revenue stream to a business.

Weee Waste Baler – is a specialist baler that is designed to compact a number of materials including tyres. Ideal for any company that has a range of materials that are not easy recyclable for example hard plastics, electronics, some car parts etc.

Read more about the WR8500H Tyre Baler in our recent editorial looking at the available applications for the increasing popular tyre bales / blocks.  ‘End of Life Tyres’

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